Monday, June 16, 2008


“If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.” — Corrie TenBoom

Our daughter, Rebecca, is going racing. She is going to participate in the Kona Marathon 5k wheelchair fun run June 29. This will be her first "race" since she was in school and competing in Special Olympics.

Since Rebecca decided to do the race, we have been going to the walking/jogging track at Old A nearly every day so she can get in some "road time." She has also started lifting weights. Although she only has less than two weeks to get ready, I think she'll be ready. 3.1 miles may not sound far for most people, but in a wheelchair and with someone of her small stature, it's practically a marathon.

I've e-mailed the Kona Marathon folks to see if Rebecca can have some assistance along the course, but haven't heard from them yet.

My guess is she probably can't, but then again, this is only a "fun run" so maybe they will let her have some help now and then. But she is training like she will be doing the whole thing on her own. I just hope there are not any hills on her course.

If you see Rebecca out training or during the race, raise your hands up and shake them vigorously. That's how deaf people applaud and cheer others on. Yes, Rebecca is deaf. She can read your lips, see your smiles and she can see you clap your hands, but cannot hear the applause. She'll appreciate the gesture.

She's already talking about getting a hand-pedaled bicycle so she can do triathlons ... she must take after her parents.

Top photo: Rebecca takes a break during her lap at Old A's jogging path.

Bottom photo: Rebecca cranks it along the path narrowly missing her old man.


doodlebug said...

Rebecca is such a beauty. My hands haven't stopped shaking vigorously since I read she will be participating in the "fun run". You Go Girl!!!!!

Karen said...

Good job training for the big race Rebecca. I know you'll have lots of fun racing. Love mom

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

I hope both you (Randy) and Rebecca have a great race. A few years ago I volunteered at the Kona Marathon and ended up being the guide for the fastest Japanese guy in a wheelchair/hand-cycle doing the half marathon. I rode my bicycle in front and we literally had to plough through everyone, including the odd car, too. It was quite a responsibility to ensure that neither of us crashed. He had a good race. I learned a lot from it, too.

Brooke Myers said...

Kona is going to be amazing this year having your family on the course; there is nothing like having your family racing along with you.
Best of luck to your daughter, she should be proud of herself. I pray she enjoys every moment of the experience and is fired up to come back for more.

Rebecca said...

thank you for helping me train for race. Love Rebecca


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