Sunday, June 29, 2008


Through some laughter, lots of tears and incredible amounts of pain I finished my first marathon in more than 30 years. Every muscle from my waist down is screaming. And every muscle in my body is exhausted. I AM NEVER EVER RUNNING AGAIN, EVER!!!

Here's a video of me finishing. Exhaustion in its purest form. Did I mention that I never EVER want to run again? EVER!

Rebecca finished her 5k run with a huge smile. She even got a special award for being the only person in a wheelchair to compete. She'll be making a post later tonight.

Good job to Brooke, Rani, Penn and the other Kona peeps. Yay! LeAnn qualified in all her races.

I'm tooooo exhausted to write more now. I'll write more on my conversation with God and my big "but" during the marathon later.


Karen said...

You did so good Randy,
I'm so proud of you. You DID IT!!! Wow!!!
Today you say you'll never run again, but there's always tomorrow. When you feel better, you'll be back out there running. I know you too well.
Can't wait for you to post your conversation with God and your big "but".
Great job Sweetheart.

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

No doubt the first of many more marathons. I've never run a marathon outside of doing the Ironman (and therefore have only completed one). The whole thought of it is quite intimidating. However, once you get through it, it will no doubt feel a lot easier next time. Have a good rest and get ready for whatever is next.

LeAnn said...

Good job Randy. You did it! Congratulations! The pain will only last for a week...I promise...foam rolling will help speed the process of recovery.

Never-Ever? ((smile))

debbie said...

I also can't wait to hear about your big "but", Congrats completing and all the prep that went into this marathon. I hope you have speedy recovery from your aches. Love the video.

debbie said...
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BreeWee said...

YOU did awesome! We all knew you could... and I am with Leann, the pain is temporary. I am sorry I missed your finish. I went to church... BUT I have a video to email you later...
GREAT work!


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