Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well done. Our youngest son, Daniel, graduated tonight (Saturday). Finally, he is done with school. Now comes the hard part. Tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:30 p.m. our baby boy flies off to San Diego and heads to Camp Pendleton to become a United States Marine.

Yep, the day following his high school graduation, Big D is off to boot camp. He'll be there for three months, then gets only 10 days off before he heads back for a month or so for SOI (School of Infantry) training.

It's our hope and prayer that we will be out of this conflict in the Middle East before he will be combat ready. So if you vote, please vote for whomever you think will get us out of there the fastest.

Anyhow, It was a grand night at Kealakehe High School. It started raining just before the commencement, but stopped right on time. Lots of long speeches as usual. Lots of inside jokes that only the students and faculty were privy to and lots of pomp and circumstance, just as graduation should be.

So congratulations to Daniel. And to Ariel Henbest, Daniel's friend and our fellow triathlete, and congratulations to the rest of the class of 2008 at Kealakehe High School. Your future is bright and full of hope. Live long, love hard and laugh often ...


doodlebug said...

Congratulations to Daniel!!! Wow I did not realize he was graduating this year. I will put a card in the mail tommorrow for him.You guys must be very Proud that he is going to be serving our Country, I am too. Any way Congrats again to Daniel , Debbei :)

BreeWee said...

YAY! Way to go Daniel... enjoy life, be happy, smile a lot, and HAVE so much fun in Cally!

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

Our younger son, Morrison, completed high school last week, too. However, no graduation ceremony as he did his work on line. He will just have to remember the Makua Lani graduation dance that he went to as a guest last year. Maybe as parents we can do something, but it's not the same without his friends. At least he will stay with us for now.


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