Thursday, June 5, 2008


If I don't embarrass myself at least once a day, it's not a normal day for me. Here's my embarrassing moment for Thursday.

I was at the pool today, working on flip turns after being prodded by Bree Wee yesterday to learn to do the graceful, and more importantly, speedy maneuvers. So, after making sure no one was around, I would swim a hundred yards and do "a turn" — they were definately not a "flip" and definately not graceful or speedy — after each 25 yards (the length of the pool).

So after a few hundred yards of this, who do I see walking over but Bree and Giovani. We are all in Masters 101 together. Just so Bree doesn't think I'm a slacker, I tell her and Giovanni that I'm working on my flip turns. I regretted it right when I said it, cause I knew what was coming next. Bree insisted on seeing my progress, and not only that, she was going to video tape me as well. GREAT! Now I'm going to have an audience and evidence on how bad my turns are.

Anyhow, here's the result. Complete with commentary and analysis.

You may as well share my embarrassing moment for Thursday. But don't worry, if you missed this one, I'll have another one on Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday, and ...

I'll also post my progress — if any — in the future. Thanks Bree for all the encouragement, advice and the video. I'm sure if I can ever stop laughing long enough to study it I'll learn from it. Now, about my swim stroke. What's up wit dat, brah?


BreeWee said...

This is hilarious! let me tell ya, I LOVE the 101 crew, it is so much fun! You guys are like family...

Seriously, your swim stroke is so nice! If I could ever get my elbows that high Coach Steve would be in shock, GREAT job on that stroke!

As for the flip... WAY TO GO! You will have it in no time, you really aren't bad at all. Better than a lot of folks and better than not doing it! Once you get it I bet you set a new 100 yard PR!

Let me know whenever you want another video of it! THEN we can film you going for a 100 PR!

Giovani and I had fun watching you... he thinks you are hilarious too!

Have a GOOD weekend to you, Karen, and the kids!

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

It must be harder when you know they are filming you! I almost asked someone to film me today, but I felt too embarrassed. My flip turns are very hit and miss, but the more I do them, the chances of turning better increase. You took 23 strokes in between flips. You should be able to reduce the number gradually then the lengths will seem a lot shorter. I think high elbows are fine, since if you get good body rotation, where else can the elbow go, but up? However, Steve will help you find what is best. Wish I could attend the 101 class.

doodlebug said...

Hey that video was great ot watch. Tell Bree Thanks, You look great, for a sec I thought I was watching Mark Spitz. D.

Kellye Mills said...

I think you did Great! It took me awhile to get the flip turns. I just had to make the commitment to do them all of the time!

Thanks for your comment too! I've met more people in blogger world from the race than I actually got to meet at the race. Now I DEFINITELY have to do it again! :)


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