Tuesday, June 10, 2008


As the author of the book in which one of my fave movies is based on, "Get Shorty," says about writing, "I try to leave out the parts that people skip." — Elmore Leonard

Yesterday's blog was sooo long that for this one I'm leaving out the parts that people skip ...

I biked, I swam. Good wind on the bike. Passed people. Swimming was wet. Flip turns still sucko. Karen tried 'em for first time. She is great at it. Mine are even more sucko after seeing hers ... I dropped 1 second off my hundred time. New PR even without flip turns. Who needs flip turns. You can't flip turn in the ocean during a race anyhow. Not without making the guy behind you angry at least. May work on flip turns again tomorrow.


LeAnn said...

Hey Randy,

Thanks for the comment. I didnt know Elijah outran the chariot. I have to look that up for sure.

Running is so hard for me. It seems like I never get better at it. Im at the same pace for years...maybe because I dont have a high tolerance for pain??? Im going to try it this year though...try to get down to 6:30s. I can do it for a mile but to actually do it for 3 is...well, all things are possible through Him.

Keep TRI-ing in Kona and maybe Ill see you this summer. BTW, I think youre flip-turns are really good!!!

TB said...

Took me forever to get flip turns down.
Once I made the commitment to do them every lap, no matter how bad they looked they got better.

Good luck and keep it up.


I guess I just need more to do or something, but I watched my Youtube video on running in Vibram Five Fingers shoes and decided it needed so...