Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have had a bunch of random thoughts running through my head lately. So for this post I'm just rambling, although I probably ramble through most of my posts.

Ramble No. 1 and so on ...

I am missing Daniel very much and really wish we would get a letter from him to know he is OK. He isn't much of a writer so we don't really expect very many letters. I'm full of regret that I didn't do more with him before he left. It didn't hit me until a few days ago that Daniel has started his own life now, this won't be his living space anymore. He'll be posted around the world, here and there, for at least the next four years and for longer if he makes the Marines his career. I also have writers cramp from writing him a letter every day as well as a nice blister on my finger from the pen. The photo is of Daniel and Karen just before Daniel flew off to boot camp.

I'm sad for my sister who just lost her dog, Jake. Her "Lassie" dog as Rebecca calls him. You can read about Jake here.

I'm running a marathon in a few days that I am not ready for, but at the same time I'm excited about the challenge. I'm learning I never feel ready for whatever race is coming up. I always seem to be about a month behind in my training. For Lavaman I felt like I needed another month. Six weeks later just in time for Honu I felt ready for Lavaman. And at Honu I felt like I needed another month and I'd be ready. Well It's been a month and I think my time at Honu would drop a lot. Mostly because my running has improved so much over the past month. And now that it is marathon time. You guessed it, I don't feel ready, but give me a month. I think it is mostly that I learn what my weakness is during a race then work on it over the next few weeks.

I just heard that Bree Wee is doing Ironman Canada to qualify for Kona. Way to go Bree. You'll do awesome. Bree is a rising star on the pro triathlon circuit and is headed for greatness.

I also just found out yesterday that the Hapuna Roughwater swim is a week from Sunday. That's only one week after the Kona Marathon. And the King's Swim is the following Sunday. I was hoping to spend a little time focusing on swimming before those two events since I've been focusing on running for the past month. I have been spending a lot of time in the pool but more on form and flip turns (new video coming soon), but not on distance or speed. Oh well, it's my year of completion, not competition anyhow, right?

I decided that my Zoots are too thin to wear for 26.2 miles so I think I'm running the mary in my New Balance. I've been having a lot of knee problems lately and these may be contributing to it, but I think I need the extra support that they offer.

Rebecca has been training every day for her 5k run in her wheelchair. She is doing very well. Wish I could be there to watch her and to see her finish. She is pretty excited about her first race.

Karen is up at the crack of dawn nearly everyday and goes out running. I wish I was that motivated. For some reason it seems like if you get up really early you are more motivated than if you sleep in but do the same distance just later in the morning. Why is that?

Isn't blogging great? I've met some wonderful people on line through blogs. It's also a great stress reliever and creative avenue. Plus it helps keep in touch with family and friends. Well, I've rambled on enough. We should all get together some day and have a picnic or something. Or have a Bloggers Triathlon. Take care and be safe.


LeAnn said...

Good luck to you and the whole family tomorrow. I'll be cheering for you!


BreeWee said...

Randly... LOVE the random thoughts! I can relate to so many of them...

I will be out on the mountain bike cheering for all the local Kona crew. Is there anything I can do for you? Do you have any kind of motivational words you need me to throw at you???

I think you are ready. The marathon is amazing, it is so long... you really only can be mentally ready, physically I think anyone with 2 legs can do it, it takes a strong mind to make it. YOU HAVE A STRONG MIND!

AND don't worry about Becca, I am sure karen will get a finish photo of her... I will have my camera too and will try to get some photos.

ENJOY today, relax, and tomorrow is all in your mind. KEEP YOUR MIND STRONG!


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