Thursday, June 19, 2008


Karen and I have split up! No, not our marriage, just our blogging. She finally took my advice and started her own blog. You can find her here.

She's a great writer and her blog is already filled with some great photos, so she'll have some interesting things posted. She writes from an age grouper, mom of five, full-time worker trying to get in shape and become a triathlete point of view. The joys, frustrations, and challenges of trying to train, work and enjoy family that most of us face.

Karen has been a writing Christian children's stories for years and even has her own series (not published yet — but only because she won't send them out) So maybe she'll write a few stories and post them, too. Or maybe even post some of her already written stories.

Welcome to the world of blogging Karen.


Karen said...

I like your GOT KONA? video you made. I wonder who the GREAT videographer is.

Randy said...

Now that's funny. Whoever it is she was kinda shaky.

doodlebug said...

I loved the video. Looks like realistic TV.. You are amazing Karen.


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