Thursday, October 1, 2009


There are some great people standing behind those of us who are competing in Ironman in just a few days. The people who wouldn't let us give up. Who encouraged us, who kept us moving forward. Supporting us emotionally and financially. I don't think any of us who will be on the starting line of the Ford Ironman World Championship would be there without them.

I hate naming names because someone always gets left out. So to cover my bases I want to say thank you to ALL of my friends, everyone who reads my blog and Facebook page and to everyone who gave me much-needed advice for Ironman over the past few months. Now that should cover everyone.

Here are a few I'd like to mention by name:
Thank you Karen, Rebecca, Aaron, Rachael, Daniel and Jonathan - my family; My sisters, Marilyn and Debbie; West Hawaii Today - especially the newsroom who participated in two fundraisers to buy running shoes and bike tires for me; Bree for her invaluable advice and helping me train; Rob for all the advice and training help and reminding me to keep it fun; LeAnn for all her encouragement; Coach Steve for making me a swimmer; Oliver and Julia at Cycle Station; Giovanni, Bruce, Robin and Frank, Linda, Kym and Kris, and Chris for words of wisdom and encouragement; and all my other Facebook friends. Thanks for letting me whine, brag and share my fears with you and for understanding. Without you I wouldn't have made it to the starting line.

Come race day when I'm on the course exhausted, sore, dehydrated and wondering what the heck I'm doing out there, I'll have you all to blame, I mean, thank.

Thank you so much.


debbie said...

Good Luck and as always Randy be Safe and have Fun

Carolyn Lucas said...

Randy: You rock! I'm so stoked for you. You're going to do awesome. Enjoy every moment. If you think the article published today was embarrassing, wait until race day when me and the rest of the newsroom is cheering wildly for you.


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