Friday, October 23, 2009


Yesterday I went for a run. My first run since Ironman a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking forward to that run for a few months. Runniing free: no watch, no heart rate monitor, no pace or time requirements. Just me, my music and a camera.

When I was training I envied people I saw out running just for the fun of it. No worrying about getting injured or if their pace was too fast or too slow. Just running to run. Well, yesterday was my turn. I ran fast when I felt like it and slow when I felt like it. And I stopped often to take pictures. No worries! Just havin' fun in Hawaii ...

No matter how many times I've been on Alii Drive, I always see something new. I've never noticed this little sign or the sea wall located near the Ironman swim turnaround.
This fish mailbox is near one of the Peaman race turnaround points. I thinkit is the 3 mile race turnaround.

Flowers on the run.

Flowers not on the run. They are always blooming in Hawaii.

Shave Ice at the Alii Gardens Marketplace.

Papaya growing wild on the side of Alii Drive.

Hualalai behind clouds and vog.

ET on Alii

My favorite drinking fountain on Alii. The Jesus Fountain.

The Rock!

Local artist Bill Spence. If you want a portrait painted, he's your artist.

Our seawall.

Maybe I should start a new business - Randy's Running Photos Tours. Ha! If you've seen "Yes Man" you'll know what that is. Hmm! sounds fun.

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