Friday, October 9, 2009


Today I am calm. And that is so unlike me.

Coach Steve told me this morning. "find an inner peace in the middle of the chaos tomorrow," and maybe I've found a little inner peace today. Tomorrow is a huge day for me and 1,800 other athletes. It's going to be stressful at the start, but like I've said before, I wouldn't change it for anything. Bring on the stress. It'll make the fun part that much more enjoyable.

Today I got all my gear packed up and ran my bike and all my gear down to the pier. The transition area is confusing but hopefully it will be well managed tomorrow. I just hope I didn't forget anything. Now all there is to do is wait - and continue reading all the great messages and emails full of well wishes and encouragement.

Thank you all for taking the time and joining me on this long journey that comes to completion tomorrow. It's been a joy sharing my thoughts, feelings and a part of my life with you.

Have a great weekend and Thanks again for all the support. Tomorrow during the race I'll be carrying a GPS tracker that you can track my race progress live online. It won't track the swim but if I remember to turn it on it should work on the bike and run. They say the battery should last a long time.

Here is the web site:

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