Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's Ironman week and I'm excited, nervous and confident. Well, not too confident. Just enough to calm the nerves. I'll start to post photos of the Ironman activities going on this week such as the Parade of Athletes on Tuesday and the Underpants Race on Thursday.

So keep checking back and I'll be posting photos each day of what's happening here in Kona for the week.

Saturday night Karen, Rebecca and I helped put together 1,963 race packets for the athletes. I even got to put together my own packet. I made sure I got well-wishes from all the volunteers while the packet was being filled.

On Sunday, all the athletes from the Big Island got together for a team photo for the newspaper. Let the fun begin ...

Hope everyone out there has a great week and keep all of us Ironman hopefuls in your thoughts come Saturday. It'll be long 140.6 miles. Good luck to all the athletes on Saturday.

Take care.

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