Friday, October 8, 2010


One more day. I took the bike and gear down to the transition area this afternoon. Hope I didn't forget anything.

The most famous street in triathlon

Me being interviewed by

The question? What's the most important piece of equipment on your bike?

This is newe this year. Some say it is a pedestrian bridge but we'll see.

Going out later today to do some of our own chalk writing.

The entrance to the finishing chute looking out.

Tomorrow night this will be a party area.

The walk of fame. taking our bikes and gear to transition while the press and surveyors watch.

Gettin' ready.

The runway between the men's and women's changing tents.

Run gear waiting.

My bike is on the row at t he endo f the red hash marks. Remember that!

My row. The swim finish is in the background.

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow. I'll post race day fotos when I recover. See ya out there.

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