Monday, October 4, 2010


Monday in Kona ...

just after sunrise at "Dig Me" Beach.

Information booth at the pier.

The swim and bike course for Ironman. It doesn't look so bad on paper.

Anyone famous out there?

Just a small portion of the belongings of the hundreds of swimmers.

Each day this week it'll get more crowded with swimmers and spectators.

Superstar! Faris Al-Sultan (in the middle) Faris was surprisingly nice. Everyone who came up to him and asked to have their photo taken with him he agreed to. He even wished them luck in the race and had fun with them.

"Why I like this Man? Faris did it Old school: Swimming, Biking and Running from the Front - wearing only his Speedos." - Mike Reilly, the Voice of IRONMAN.

The new drink of Ironman. Tastes kind of watered down to me but it has more sodium, carbs and calories than gatorade and a touch of magnisium, which gatorade doesn't have, but less potassium and sugar.

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