Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ironman week is a busy, nervous, exciting week. There is something going on every minute of the day this week.

Sitting at Lava Java this morning, it was rumored that former world champion Norman Stadler was sitting behind me. So in stealth mode I raised up my phone and took a photo. No Norman, except for his poster on the wall behind me. I saw his team mates when I left, however.

Afternoon in Kona brought the Ironman Parade of Nations. So here are a few photos from this fun parade.

The Netherland athletes

A few of the Big Island athletes. We are the only ones who get to ride the parade route instead of walk it. (I think).

Poland was a little late.

Marching down Alii Drive.

Karen and Rebecca following. My own personal groupies.

Not sure what country these two are from.

Sunset from the Ironman Village.

Sunset over the pier.

Paul Huddle and Roch Frey, coaches, columnists and underpants run organizers.

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