Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The big day is getting closer! I did a short bike ride to the airport and back and felt pretty strong. Tapering is becoming evident after months of feeling exhausted. I'm not doing much of anything else today. I'll do a short ocean swim tomorrow testing the new goggles and that will probably be it. Training is over, just trying to get the rest I need and keep the body going.

Oh, I got my GPS tracker today. Here are the websites to go to to track me during the race. I did a trial run today and it seemed to work OK.

For the computer and iPhone:

For blackberry or pda:

I'll keep posting the websites so they'll be easy to find come Saturday. It's a comfort during the race just to know people know where I'm at and how I'm doing. It doesn't get so lonely that way. So I hope you follow me.

Here are a few photos from Wednesday in Kona.

I registered today and picked up my race packet. Look at all that bounty that comes with Ironman.

This year they are printing our names on the bib numbers.

Signage and more signage along the pier and seawall.

They had me at "Danger."

That's Scott Rigsby on the left. We are friends on Facebook and I finally got to meet him in person. I saw him finish IM world championship a couple of years ago as one of the few, if not the first, double amputee above the knee to finish the race.

Lot's of Wheaties. I like this cereal but it is expensive when you can find it here. I scored an armload of boxes from the Wheaties booth last night.

Athletes getting registered today.

In a few days these bleachers will be packed with spectators.

As will the seawall.

When I got my race packet it had a note on it from my fellow registration volunteers. How nice of them. Thanks guys.

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