Tuesday, July 29, 2008


"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."

OK, it's really Tuesday and I actually liked riding in the rain today. It was only raining for about a half-mile before I rode out of it but it was a nice relief from the heat and typical Kona conditions.

OK times two. These photos aren't from today, they were taken just before sunset Saturday when it was raining pretty hard downtown while the sun was still shining. The light was excellent — Golden hour.

Back to today, it was a good ride. Lots of wind, a little rain, good music and a day on the bike. Have a great day.

Rain! whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger. ~Saint Basil

Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
Unravelled from the tumbling main...
~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. ~Langston Hughes


BreeWee said...

I saw you heading out as I was finishing up... yeah, weird weather! Hey, can you ride easy 1hr on Thursday (early!) maybe get Ariel to join in...?

Karen said...

I wish I could have gone riding in the rain with you today. Some of us have to work during the day and miss out on all the fun.

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

I like your heading - have you ever heard of the Carpenters? Probably before your time, but not mine. We have had a lot of rain here, too. Guess the weather patterns for Kona and South Taiwan are related. We are shortly to finalize our old apartment sale. Maybe after that I can order my new bike frame (it takes them two months to make it).

LeAnn said...

Running in the rain is awesome...Im not sure about biking.

debbie said...

Very Cool pictures!!!!


I guess I just need more to do or something, but I watched my Youtube video on running in Vibram Five Fingers shoes and decided it needed so...