Monday, July 14, 2008


The past two days my knee has made some real progress on healing. The bone is still really bruised (presumably where bone met bone during the marathon when the cartilage slipped), but it hasn't been grinding or popping. I did some aquajogging today at the pool and it was kind of sore afterwards, but then I came home, did some weight lifting and a little bit of time on the bike on the indoor trainer then did some stair steps and it is feeling pretty good. Almost as if I can run, which I'm tempted to try but I think I'll wait a few more days.

I may take the bike out on the road tomorrow and see how things go. If I can negotiate the hills OK without any knee problems then maybe it's time to tryout the tready.
There's a Team Mango tri this weekend I would really like to do but I don't want to push it. Maybe I can do the swim and bike and not the run. Or maybe Karen, Rebecca and I could do a relay — Team Wrighthouse!

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debbie said...

hey, I hope your training goes well for you. Bone on bone sounds really bad!! Hope you guys have fun this weekend whatever you decide to do. By the way your snorkleing trip sounds fun, enjoy it when you go. Go Team Wrighthouse!!!


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