Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"How I wish you could see the potential;
the potential of you and me;
It's like a book elegantly bound, but;
in a language that you can't read."

That is the first verse of my current favorite training song. It's just over 8 minutes long and the first 5 minutes are all instrumental with a beat that steadily speeds up. It's a great beat that causes you to increase your pace, especially on the bike, until you are cruising at break-neck speed. I love it.

YES! I'm back on Mr. Potential. That's what I call my bike because I always feel like I have unlimited potential when I ride it.
(PHOTO: Mr. Potential cocked and ready to fire. I still have my Honu number on my helmet, LOL)

That old saying is true, I didn't forget how to ride ... It seems so long since I've been on the road that I thought I had forgotten how to ride a bike.

(PHOTO: I'm cruising along the new section of Queen K, which you can see in my sunglasses.)

I didn't go that far today, just to the airport and back, but my knee felt great. It hurt a little, but that's OK. No popping or grinding and it felt fine afterward.

I even got another cyclist in my sights while on the new stretch of Queen K just as my favorite training song came on. The sunshine,the new road, the music and finally being back on the road — me and Mr. Potential were both begging to kick it up a few notches. So off we went to catch our "competition" and feel the burn again. It was great.

There's just something about new asphalt, the sun and Mr. Potential ... I love it.

(PHOTO: A new portion of Queen K. all shiny black and new. Look at that nice wide shoulder.)

Karen, Rebecca and I have decided it might be fun to team up and do this weekend's triathlon. I'll swim, Karen will ride and Rebecca will wheelchair the run. What a team ... We may be last, but we'll still have fun.


LeAnn said...

Wow...they finally got that road fixed.

debbie said...

I like Mr. Potential. He is a Beauty. Be careful out there, looks like a lot of traffic. But a nice road for a nice ride!!!

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