Friday, July 11, 2008


Everything is funnier when you are training. Why is that?

I've been riding my indoor trainer for the past week as sort of some self-prescribed physical therapy for my knee. (Still trying to avoid having surgery on it.) So today while riding I was watching an old movie on TV. "Operation Petticoat." It's a World War 2 comedy about a submarine commander who finds himself stuck with an old and pink submarine, a con-man executive officer and a group of army nurses. It stars Cary Grant and Tony Curtis and was made in 1959.

I've seen this movie at least a dozen times (I love old war movies) and I don't think I've laughed as much as I have this time. I had to stop pedaling a few times cause I was laughing so much.

The funny thing is it's not that funny of a movie. It's just funny how funny things are when you are training. Funny, huh?


debbie said...

Hey ,Come to think of it, That Is Funny!! I found my self laughing at a bee that was trying to find the opening of the door while I was doing Pilates yesterday. I finally called him a dork and helped him get out. I'm pretty sure he tipped his wings on a fly by afterwards.

LeAnn said...

Must be the endorphins kicking in.


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