Thursday, May 15, 2008


Wow! What a ride. Just a few months ago I couldn't swim, I weighed 25 pounds more than I do now and I hadn't run more than a mile in years. In fact, the only exercise I'd really done in the past five years is biking and horseback riding. But come May 31, I'm HIM-ward bound. I'll be participating in the Honu — the Hawaii 70.3 Half Ironman.

WHAT AM I THINKING??? A Half Ironman? Me? This is all happening so fast.

Truth is, every morning when I wake up I wonder if it is all a dream. That I really didn't learn how to swim. That I really haven't lost the weight, gotten that fast on the bike or can run (albeit slowly) 13 miles. Wait a minute. I haven't run 13 miles — YET!

Ah, there's that word I rely on sooo much, "yet!" Exclamation point included. My grammar books say the exclamation point should be used for emphatic expressions; to express a high degree of surprise or other strong emotion. And trust me, I use it with surprisingly strong emotion a lot of the time.

Triathlon is so new to me, that I don't say "I CAN'T" do something. I say I haven't done it "YET!" So, I haven't ran 13.1 miles (half a marathon) YET! But I will. I haven't swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles and ran 13.1 miles one after the other, all in one day, YET! But come Saturday, May 31, sometime in the early to mid afternoon, I WILL!

And maybe as I cross the finish line I'll hear ...
"Randy Wrighthouse, you are half an Ironman!"
Do they announce that when you cross the finish line of a HIM? Probably not.


Bruce Stewart said...

You still get a medal, but they don't say the famous words, at least to those of us way down the field. Still, I'll say it to you.

Bruce Stewart said...

I think the swim and the bike will be relatively easy (going at a comfortable pace). The run is the hard part and I hope you can ask those who know you well in Kona to help you prepare for that part. Ideally, you want to try to keep moving as much as possible, even if you go at a very slow pace. Keeping going is the key, and if you can do so, you will pick off some of the others who passed you earlier on, but are now too exhausted to keep going. Also, make a good plan for nutritional intake (including drink) for the whole of the race. That will also be the key to keeping you going. All the best. It will be a great experience and fun with all the people.

BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh! YAYA! You got in! I was telling Karen I want you to race it so bad, you have to do it! You will be fine! You will have tons of others to swim with, you are VERY good on the bike, and the run will be what it is... AND you have made a ton of Kona friends, we will all be cheering you on!
What a GREAT example you will be for your children too...

WAY to go!


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