Friday, May 23, 2008


Today I was going to write about the transforming shark/manta ray I saw while swimming at Hapuna yesterday. It was going to be a whopper of a tale, too. About a creature that changed from a hammerhead shark to a giant angel fish into a very close manta ray. But sometimes life happens and everything falls apart.

Karen was coming home from work yesterday (Thursday) just after 4 p.m. It was pouring down rain and she was on her moped. Then, just a block from our house, it happened. Her moped slipped out from under her on a corner and down she went. Fortunately, she was only going between 5 and 10 miles per hour, so she didn't get much road rash. She did get banged on the head (not wearing a helmet!) a skinned knee and cut up her right hand pretty bad.

She called me at my work while she was still on the ground.
Of course I panicked because she was crying and saying she was bleeding. So I rushed home as fast as I could during rush hour. I panicked even more when I saw her. She had a huge knot just above her right eye brow with blood dripping down. Her hand looked mangled and her knee was bloody.

One look at her and I knew we needed to get her to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital (it took about 40 minutes because of traffic) Her lump on her head was starting to go down a little. Her hand was still bleeding though. After X-rays and a CAT scan and a thorough exam nothing was broken or out of place. Just some chunks of skin missing on her hand, knee and forehead. No stitches required.

By the way, it was her idea for me to take pictures of her so I could send them to our daughter, Rebecca, to let her know her mom was OK. Last night Karen slept OK. As today goes on she is starting to feel the effects more and more. She slept for quite a while this afternoon. We are keeping an eye on her, but she seems to be her normal self.
No running or swimming until her wounds heal — doctor's orders.

Oh, about that shark to manta ray thing, I'm still shaking ...


Bruce Stewart said...

I was just showing my wife a few blogs that I frequent and we came across the unfortunate news of Karen's accident. We both wish her a speedy recovery. Last summer in Kona our elder son banged his face on the road after slipping from a skateboard and needed stitches at the Kona CC ER.

BreeWee said...

RANDY!!! I got to chat with Karen this morning while you swam... oh my gosh the poor thing is so beat up! I really thank God she isn't worse off! Speedy recovery to her...

Your swim looked pretty good this morning too!! You are so ready for Honu. Never mind your run, "race day magic" will get you through it! Hey, let me know if you need any nutrition stuff too, I have a whole lot willing to share!!! I told Karen to mention it to you, she says strawberry is your favorite! ha ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend!

doodlebug said...

Hey guys, I have been following your blog for a while now. LOVE your stories. Karen I hope you get better fast. OUCH!!!. How was Arron's trip and How's his friend after the horrible earthquake. Can;t wait to read more, love you guys doodlebug :)


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