Saturday, August 29, 2009


42 days until Ironman

I've been wondering "why" lately. Why am I doing triathlons? Is it some midlife crisis? Maybe trying to relive my glory days. Or maybe it's just that living on an island there isn't that much to do except swim, bike and run.

I've already gone through a midlife crisis so I can rule that one out. That's how I ended up in Hawaii. And although it is true that there isn't that much to do when you live on an island, I don't think that's why. So the more I think about it the more the "glory days" theory seems to fit, except that my glory days weren't really that glorious.

I'm thinking that maybe I never really had any glory days and that right now may be my glory days -- my time to excel. To make memories that will last a lifetime. I'm thinking maybe this is the time of my life, the time I'll look back on and think "Wow! I really did all that and I was how old? Swam in water so deep and blue it's nearly indescribable, biked more than a hundred miles in one day at least once a week for months and ran 14 to 18 miles every Saturday morning just to get ready for a little race called Ironman." Now that will be something to tell grandkids about.

Yep, I'm thinking this is definitely my glory days, uh, unless I qualify for the world championship again next year. Then next year will be my glory days and what stories I'll be able to tell about that one.


It's been an odd training week for me this week. Every other day has been a hard workout followed by a relatively easy day. Monday was a swim, bike, run day; Tuesday just stretching and some core workouts; Wednesday was pool day with lots of swimming; Thursday 100 mile bike then a 40 min. run; Friday easy swimming and today was a 16-mile run -- the farthest I've run nonstop. Tomorrow is my play day. Hope you all have a great play day wherever you are.

Here are a few photos from my training this week.

Running along Queen K Saturday morning.

Running down the Energy Lab road at sunrise.

The road to Hawi. Just a few more miles to the Ironman turnaround.

On the way to Hawi. That's Maui behind those clouds. Almost close enough to swim to.

Sunrise over Hualalai volcano.


Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Great pics. All too familiar places (in my past life it seems). Hope the preparation goes well and you have a super day on Race Day.

debbie said...

Really good photos.
Glory Days.
This seems to be such a great time in your life. You found some hidden deep secret power that so few of us get to find. You have been sprinkled with fairy dust or something.I want some of that!!! You are fortunate to realize that dreams can come true. Or Glory days, as you call it. Live hard Randy. I am proud and in awe of you. You are an Island Animal. Only 37 days, wow. Sure wish I could be there for the Ironman. Oh yeah, I kinda am, when you write the event comes to life, every stroke, every step , every push of the pedal, every ear throbbing heart beat pulses on my computer as I read your adventure. Really, thanks for taking me along. love ya


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