Friday, August 21, 2009


(50 days until Ironman)

Today was one of those feeling good days. One of those days that I’m glad I’m off the couch and training for Ironman. Biking 100 miles in the sunshine, heat and wind makes you feel alive. Having a crossswind blow you and your bike clear across the road will make anyone feel alive and thankful to be that way.

I spent my Friday morning reflecting about how I got to this point -- being able to spend 6 hours on the bike in the wind while climbing hills. After all, just 8 months ago I was having knee surgery. I’ve spent a lot of miles on my bike in the past 8 months. Good days and bad days and today was a good day.

I was thankful I was riding alone. Just me, my bike and my music. It was a good day to make peace with my bike and find some much-needed inspiration. Here are a few photos from my ride today.

Sunrise over Hualalai

Can you see Maui way out there behind the clouds?

Mauna Lani Resort on the left. The Kohala Mountains way off in the distance is where I'm headed.

The wind picked up here. See the palm trees bent? 

On the way back down on Akoni Pule Highway. Don't try this at home boys and girls. I took this going over 20 mph in a pretty harsh crosswind.

Kawaihae Harbor is just around the corner. The Kona Coast can be seen off in the distance.

My emergency stop! A much needed hydration and lunch stop at Kawaihae gas station. They have great salty, greasy chicken legs (sitting on my bike saddle) that just seems to hit the spot on long rides. Oh, there are those blue tires of Karen's ...

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Marilyn and Robert said...

hey stranger so when exactly is the ironman?? you look good on blue tires makes your eyes bluer lol.I want to see you guys sooooo bad wish I was rich you know its only been 20 years or so thats sad. why dont you just pack up and move to st pete. hey thats an idea. anyway love you guys


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