Monday, August 3, 2009


"One advantage in keeping a diary is that you become aware with reassuring clarity of the changes which you constantly suffer." --Franz Kafka

68 days until the Ironman World Championship in Kona. As the big day draws closer my emotions range from "hurry up and get this thing over with," to "What was I thinking? I can't do this!"

I'm sure Karen is getting tired of hearing the fear to excitement to fear roller coaster of mine everyday, so I'm going to try to just vent my feelings through my blog. I'm sure some of the daily notes will be short and others I'll probably ramble on. Anyhow, feel free to read if you want.

Swam masters this morning. My swimming seems to be going down hill. Always tired it seems these days. After swimming I ran 2 miles bare foot in grass then rode my bike up to Puapuaanui Street to ride hill repeats. Puapuaanui in Hawaiian must mean "only idiots are dumb enough to ride this hill more than once."

This week is my short but intense week. Normally I am working on endurance with long rides or runs and not on speed work, so for better or worse I'm doing short but intense training this week on the bike and run. I'm also swimming everyday this week. I've been neglecting swimming for the most part other than Masters three days a week. That's probably why I am slowing down.

I have the Alii Challenge coming up in a couple of weeks. It's a 6-mile ocean swim from Keauhou Bay to Kailua Bay. It can be a team event so Rob and I are teaming up. We'll each take turns swimming 30 minute then resting in a kayak for 30 minutes before jumping back in and swimming again. Sounds fun but jellies and sharks are a concern -- at least for me. I haven't swam in most of the waters on the route and I hear some of it gets really deep and dark.

Swimming first then more hills. Running this time. Getting the heart rate way up on short uphill sprints.

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Karen said...

Keep up the hard training. You're doing great, and I'm proud of you. And I don't mind hearing about your fear roller coaster.


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