Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's coming to the end of Ironman week with the big event on Saturday. It's been great seeing all the Ironman athletes and their support crews out and about. All that nervous excitement is contagious. My friend Giovanni and I have been down at the pier for the past few mornings and it's been our pleasure to swim with great athletes.

Wednesday, the pier and the swim course was jam-packed with hundreds of swimmers. You could literally walk over all the swimmers and never get wet. Hundreds of bodies were thrashing through the warm Pacific Ocean and all of us on our way out to sea were headed to one place — the floating espresso bar. (Not that I drank coffee ( Hello, my name is Randy and I'm a coffeeholic and I've been clean and sober for seven years.) Yes I'm addicted to coffee, but I haven't had a drop in seven years, really. But that doesn't stop me from partaking in inhaling that rich aroma. I love coffee, I just can't drink it anymore. Anyhow, back to the swimming.

While the multitudes were swimming out to the double-hulled canoe used for the Coffees of Hawaii espresso bar, we were treated to a special appearance of a few dozen dolphins no doubt jonesing for coffee also. What a treat. The mood in the water was so festive. Warm water, good friends, sunshine, coffee and dolphins. What else could you want. I am so glad I took the time to learn to swim. What a blessing it has been.

On Thursday Giovanni and I headed back down to the pier for another morning of swimming. But first we made a slight detour for the annual Ironman Underpants Run. What a specticle. Seeing hundreds of people in underwear in the middle of the street. Even our local pro Bree Wee was out there having fun. This is the first year I've actually attended the event and it was great. I don't think I would ever have the nerve to participate, I'm still self-conscious in my swim suit.

Following the underpants run, we headed to the pier and swam out to the coffee boat. Although their were only a fraction of the number of swimmers in the water on Thursday, you still had to keep your wits about you so you wouldn't crash into anyone. The dolphins must have got their caffeine fix on Wednesday cause they were no where to be seen around the coffee boat.
After taking lots of photos around the boat, Giovanni and I swam a few more buoys chasing rumors of dolphin sightings. No such luck on this day.

What a great time though. You can't beat swimming in the warm ocean in October with people from all over the world. Have a great Friday and If you are doing the Ironman on Saturday, you are already a winner just getting here so enjoy the day.

Photos from top: The floating espresso bar and swimmers sampling coffee. I can still smell it — yummy! The leaders of the Underpants Run. There are some famous people in that crowd. Can you spot them? Some of the middle of the pack runnin' in thier undies. A few more shots of the coffee boat crowd. And lastly, the underwater sign near the 6th buoy pointing the way to the espresso bar. MMMM! coffee, coffee coffee ....


Marilyn and Robert said...

are you kidding...... I can barely see the ones in front. tighty whitey run do they do that here???? lol The ironman is here next month on the 8th why don't you come take pix here sounds like a plan to me. You take such great pictures I would take pix but the desposible kodaks geta lil old and sometimes you lose your pix for some reason the film splits and they can,t develop them that turns into a big bummer so I gave up. have a good day

Karen said...

It looks like you had a blast. Wish I was there. I'm glad you FINALLY made a Dr. appt. for you knee.

LeAnn said...

Looks like on the boat...Oh man, Im there next year. Glad to hear youre going to the doctor too! Get that knee fix so you can do the Kona Marathon with me or the Honolulu Marathon...all in '09.

Can you tell me what kind of underwater camera do you have...Id like to get one.


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