Wednesday, October 1, 2008


FIND ME TONIGHT by Everyday Sunday
Yesterday, I could not feel this
Today I’m sick of trying
To live like I can live on my own
This world around me is suffocating
But I keep forgetting
To turn and run into You

So find me
Wherever I am won’t You
Find me
I got myself lost and I
Don’t think
I want to be roaming in heartache
Please find me tonight

I make it hard and I can’t stand it
Can’t wrap my head around it
I wrestle with You more than I should
I make a mess of everything
But You see the best in me
I’ll never be too far gone

You speak without sound
Your love is so loud
You always save me


debbie said...

very cool, I enjoyed this post too!

Marilyn and Robert said...

Randy there is more truth in that than I can explain. Very nice

BreeWee said...

Hi randy! My race sucked, but thank you for always being so supportive :)

see ya back in Kona, and yes, a taco picnic!!


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