Thursday, October 23, 2008


For my beautiful wife, Karen, who felt like doing cartwheels in the middle of the store the other day but didn't have the nerve and who comes home from work nearly everyday with a new bruise. I love you!
Bruises - Chairlift


Karen said...

I didn't do cartwheels because I'm too old and would probably break my neck!!! I did them in my mind though so there, I did have the nerve.
I love you too!!!

LeAnn said...

Karen: I double dare you to do cartwheels!!!!!

Marilyn and Robert said...

you are not old chica but there comes a time in our life when floppin our bodies around is better left in our minds lol... I know you could do it just had no time right???? have a good day love ya

Marilyn and Robert said...

Randy you are an inspiration to all the husbands out there. Karen is lucky.... Of course I happened to find a husband thats wonderful too and only hope we can be as happy as you two are


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