Sunday, October 26, 2008


First off, I skipped the Peaman. I tried running last night and my knee hurt pretty bad so I figured I wouldn't chance it yet. There is a Team Mango next Sunday — One year ago it was the first triathlon I ever did, so hopefully my knee will be well enough to celebrate my first anniversary of tri-ing.
The other day Rebecca and I were coming home from the store when an Ambulance came up behind us, siren blaring. Rebecca was looking around and wondering why I was pulling over. Just as the ambulance came up behind us, Rebecca turned around and spotted it. (remember, Rebecca is deaf). As the ambulance passed, Rebecca said that she didn't like the sound they make.

I asked her if she could hear it and she said "no, I can feel it." Then she said she didn't know what an ambulance sounds like. So I tried my best to describe sound to someone who doesn't hear sound. She seemed satisfied with my description, but it made me start thinking about what things are like for someone who is deaf.

So Rebecca and I decided to write on her blog what it is like for her as a deaf person. If you are interested, you can go to her blog and read it here.


Bruce said...

As I am not a doctor I could not comment on the MRI pictures. Anyway, I expect that surgeons in Hawai'i are very busy and will only operate on you if really necessary (i.e., not just to keep themselves occupied). Hope the meeting goes well.
It was interesting to read Rebecca's account of being deaf. It is hard to imagine since I have to rely on my ears all day long. Otherwise it would be hard to be reminded that the cat needs feeding, etc. I can sense God will mightily use Rebecca in his purposes as her future unfolds.

debbie said...

I read Rebecca's blog. Wow that's something you never think about. She is amazing. I often wonder about people who are sightless too. How do they see things like color or texture. We can learn an awful lot from them.


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