Thursday, May 25, 2017


Here's a  few sketches from the past week or so.
The train trestle near Bryant Park in Albany, Oregon.

and with the actual trestle in the background.

For some reason this is probably my favorite sketch I've done. I even made it my phone's lock screen image. Mostly because it's not only the largest sketch I've done, 8x16 inches, but also I did this one entirely in ink first. I think all my previous building sketches I at least used pencil on some of it before inking it in. I hope going straight to ink is a trend I will follow. 

I love the spontaneity of it and I love having to live with the mistakes. It has a more urban feel to it. It has more "feel' to it altogether that the drawings I do in pencil first seem to lose once I ink them in. 

quick character sketches while watching "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix.

A couple more quick character sketches while watching "Better Call Saul." It's amazing how as soon as I decide to sketch a  character they quit showing him so I only have brief glimpses of them. I refuse to rewind and/or pause the program so that it is more like on location sketching. 

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