Monday, December 7, 2009


Below is the monthly newsletter from Capt. Gorman - The Marine in charge of Daniel's Company. Take a minute and read it. It's a little different news than what you read in the papers since it's written for family and friends of the Marines in Easy Company.

Easy Company Newsletter - December 2009
Capt Gorman

Dear Easy Company Families and Friends,
December 4, 2009
Your Marines and Sailors continue to amaze me on a daily basis with their dedication, drive, and esprit de corps. Our job here is a difficult and dangerous one, but your husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers put on their gear everyday and face the challenges in order to keep America’s enemy on its heels and help the people of Afghanistan rebound from 30 years of terror and devastation. The Marines and Sailors are simply some of the bravest and most caring men I have known. Their dedication to the team and our mission is resilient, despite terrain, weather, and difficult missions. With that being said, congratulations to the following Marines on a well deserved promotion this month:

Staff Sergeant Abudayeh
Corporal McNeil (Meritorious)
Corporal Miller


The Marines and Sailors of Easy Company are helping the people of Afghanistan on a daily basis with children’s school supplies, blankets for the winter, reconstruction projects, and establishing a safe environment to raise their children. Easy Company has partnered with the Afghan National Army (ANA) to build a unified security force. Training and mentoring is going well, with Marines working daily to support the ANA as they provide security throughout the countryside, and in the villages. It is this partnership that will lead to ultimate success in this country.

Although your Marines are sometimes tired and cold, they have shown a level of motivation to accomplish the mission that makes me proud every day. As we go into the winter months and remain apart from families and friends over the holidays, it is important for the men to receive support from home. Many people back home have spent countless hours preparing care packages and support packages for the Marines and Sailors. I want to personally thank every one of you for the selfless dedication, and time consuming work placed into caring for the guys. It does not go unnoticed by anyone out here.

Before I close, I also wanted to publicy congratulate the Wingate family on the new addition to their family, Dominic Wingate born on November 20th.

Please continue to reinforce their spirits with your support and dedication.

Semper Fidelis,
Capt Gorman

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Beautiful Letter.


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