Sunday, November 22, 2009


Karen and I went hiking with Frank, Robin, Giovanni, Lois and a few other people Sunday to explore Puu Waa Waa - an ancient, large cinder cone of a hill, or mountain (depending on if you are looking at it or hiking up it.)

Karen and I rarely get to go hiking since we've moved here so it was a treat to get out and see some new sights.

It wasn't exactly a short hike. We ended up hiking about 7 and a half miles round trip with 2,185 feet of climbing. It was a great workout though. Here are a few photos from our hike.

Karen, Giovanni and Frank near the start of our hike.

Long tall trees
Big fields and puffy white clouds
Our destination - The dome in the background, Puu Waa Waa.

At t he Summit. Hualalai volcano is in the background.

Watch where you step - COW PIES!

Danger lurking at the port-a-potty.

Are we lost yet? Robin our map reader
A line at the port-a-potty. As you can see no bushes or trees so you have to use the port-a-potty.

Lois and the David from Switzerland who is traveling around the world.

View from the top: Mauna Loa can be seen way out there through the vog (volcanic fog).

Seen from near the top: Mauna Kea way out there, too.

A clearer shot of Mauna Kea.

Karen at the summit marker.

On our way to the top.
At the top of the world. Well, not quite, but at least at the top of Puu waa waa.

Hmm. It's vacant and the rent is probably cheap. But it's a beast to hike to.

On our way back down.
Look! goats.

Giovanni taking photos.

Taking more photos.

Frank on the way up.

Cows in Hawaii? Yes. We have one of the largest working ranches in the USA on this island and not far from where this is.

Heading makai - toward the sea and back to the car.


debbie said...

I am sitting here freezing reading your warm delicious post. Every one is in shorts and the sun is shining. I am so jealous. We are about 40 degrees and dropping and my hands are so cold I can't type very well(at least I can use that as an excuse right now). It looks like you all had a fun day. Great photos.

Runner Chick said...



What do you do when you don't have time to go out on location to do urban sketching? My time is very limited and I often don't have ...