Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Each month the Marines send out a newsletter to the families of those who are serving. This is our first newsletter since Daniel has been deployed. It's a little unnerving especially when the commander admits it's dangerous and scary but it is what it is. If you want to write Daniel while he is deployed his address is:

lcpl wrighthouse
2/2 E Co unit 73070
FPO AE 09510-3070

It's OK if you don't know him personally. Just write to say hi and tell him what's happening in the world. Remember, he and the rest of Easy Company are cut off from the news of the rest of the world. The postage is the same as if it were being mailed within the US. Thanks and here's the newsletter if you care to read it.

From Capt Gorman
Dear Easy Company Families and Friends,
The TEAM is back together again. The difficult and arduous training is already being put to the test. The Marines & Sailors of Easy Company have been given a difficult job here in Afghanistan. The terrain is challenging and the enemy understands how to fight. Our focus has to remain on securing the people, connecting with the people, and helping the people regain the land that is rightfully theirs. The Marines & Sailors understand this and have already begun to build relations with the good people in our area of operations. Ninety-five percent of the people want change and help, but they are scared; 30 years of war and grief have made hope a distant dream for most. Unfortunately, this does not change without a fight.

(Members of 2/2 Easy Company training in the Mohave before deploying to Afghanistan)

From Day 1 your Marines & Sailors have impressed me with their discipline, motivation, and keen sense for understanding the dynamics of a counter-insurgency fight. They are professional warriors, and have proven they are ready for the physical and mental stresses of this environment. The tempo is high, but the Marines & Sailors are responding with motivation and eagerness, and the enemy is learning that they are not safe anywhere in this area.

The Marines & Sailors of Easy Company are all brave men, who have volunteered to fight far from the comforts of their homes and families, so that others can sleep safely at night. They are all America’s heroes. They love their country and they care for one another. The TEAM is strong, a trait that will be invaluable in the difficult days ahead.

This is a dangerous place; I will not hide that fact. It will be a long, difficult deployment for the Marines, Sailors and our families. Your unwavering support keeps them going everyday. I am proud of each and every one of our Marines & Sailors, as I know you are.

Please continue to reinforce their spirits with your support and dedication.

Semper Fidelis,
Capt Gorman

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debbie said...

I am so Proud of all of our Service Men and Women. May they all return home safely and quickly.


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