Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Below is a comment left on my blog from my sister, Debbie. I thought it was pretty funny so I'm posting it as its own post.

Hey there,
Learning & Earning is a great story. I was talking with my physical therapist Tuesday and he told me he was going to be competing in the Silverstate Ironman this coming weekend and that it would be done as a team. He will swim and two of his buddies will bike and run. He said he has always wanted to do an Ironman but knew he could never complete one by himself.He is afraid he could not do the 112m bike or the run (especially the run)after doing the other two. Although he has ran marathons before.
This is what our conversation was like:
Debbie: My brother just completed the Ford Ironman a couple weeks ago.
Jason: You have to Qualify.

Debbie: He Qualified.

Jason: Really, He must be single and not fond of sleeping, how long did he train?

Debbie: No he is Married and loves sleeping but hasn't done much this year,and he trained all year.

Jason: Well he doesn't have a Job or Kids then right?

Debbie: No he has a Job and five kids.

Jason: I had knee surgery!

Debbie: He had knee surgery!

Jason: I'm too old to start training that hard.

Debbie: He just turned 50.

Jason: How does a married guy with a job and kids and knee surgery commit that much time training and stay sane.

Debbie: He is an "IronMan"and I didnt say he was sane any more.

Jason: Awesome!

Just wanted to share my conversation with you that was about you.

Thanks Debbie for making me me smile.

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