Friday, February 13, 2009


I love running up "The Wall." That's what I call Hualalai Road. This morning's run was great. Cool weather, the sun playing hide-n-seek through the clouds, the lush vegetation, the cows, horses and lots of chickens, and the steep, winding road. It was a morning spent running up hill in rural Hawaii. Here are a few photos from my run today. I'll post more on my Facebook page here. and at Flickr here.

So, as I sit here at work, not really working but blogging instead, and I start getting that trapped, stuck indoors feeling, all I have to do is stand up and begin to walk and let those sore, tired muscles in my legs remind me of the pleasure -- and the pain -- of running in rural Hawaii. Have a great Valentine's Day and a great weekend.


debbie said...

Rally nice photos Randy, What kind of a camera do you run with anyway. It really is amazing. I cant wait to see the other photos you posted. I'm heading there now.

Randy said...

I mostly use the camera in my cell phone and some times our little digital camera. These were taken with my cell phone.

debbie said...

Wow thats shows what a great photographer you are.

Karen said...

I love your photos. I wish I could have been out there running with you, but I guess you need running days without me since I slow you down so much.
I do want to run the wall with you sometime.


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