Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here are some photos of the run course for the Lavaman Triathlon that will be held March 29. The triathlon is a 1500 meter swim (.9 mile), 40K bike (24 miles) and 10K run (6.2 miles) held at Anaehoomalu Bay (A-Bay) at Waikoloa Beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Near the beginning of the run course just after entering onto the main road.
The top photo is of A-Bay where the swim is and where the run finishes.

Some of the scenery along the beginning of the run course.

It can be windy in the area so get in some wind training.

Narrow sidewalks and spectators can make for some cramped quarters during the run.

This is about the only hill on the course. There are some little rollers later on and a long drag just before getting to this point but otherwise this is it.

The lava fields with Mauna Kea in the background. This is around the halfway oint of the run.

Near mile 4 you take a turn into the Hilton resort area.

The bay that the run course follows while within the Hilton resort.

Just a taste of what is to come. This is a narrow path within the Hilton resort that you run on for a short distance.

Some of the scenery within the resort includes dolphins.

A portion of the cart path that the run follows.

The path is bordered by the ocean on the right (above) and the HIlton's lagoon and pool on the left (below).

The start of the real fun. The lava rock and coral trail which can have objects as large as softballs.

Running on coral.

A-Bay coming into sight.

The end of the rock trail and the beginning of the beach run to the finish.

The palm trees lead into the chute and to the finish line come race day.

Yes, it can be a dangerous course so be careful.

There are more photos on my Facebook page.


debbie said...

Randy these are the best ever photos. They make my heart pound to look at them. Seriouly. I feel like I am there. Thanks for sharing.

Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Great pictures. I did not have my own camera in Kona, and so missed on all these opportunities to take pictures. I can see the vog has at least kept away from the Kona coast recently, although it wasn't long ago that it was really bad. Now I carry a camera with me everywhere in Taiwan and always have it handy (like next to the bike handlebars).


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