Saturday, December 27, 2008


Kona sunset

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. The winds have granted us a great Christmas present by giving us a couple of vog-free days here in Kona. Here's the sunset from Friday evening. Notice you can see the horizon, which is very rare here nowadays. Today is another clear day. We are heading up to A-Bay later today for an outing so I'll post some more photos later.

Below are some night shots around the Queen's Market place and Kings shops in Waikoloa and one of Rachael vegging out. All of these photos were taken with only the ambient light around the scene. No flash for me. For most of the night shots I placed the camera on the ground or on some other steady object. No tripod either.
Happy New Year.

Storm over Maui seen from North Kona. Maui is lost in the clouds but we could see lightning every so often.

Karen taking a picture of palm trees with Christmas lights on them.

The courtyard at the Queen's Marketplace.

A giant pineapple tree.So that's how they are grown ...

A tree at night. What else can I say?

The Wrighthouse Five ...

Rachael relaxing before the trip up north.

Karen taking pictures at the King's Shops.

This was a mistake photo, but I liked how it turned out. Sometimes incorrect exposures look cool.

Caught! Karen snapped this photo of me. The photo above of the one I said was incorrect exposure is the one I'm taking here.

Rebecca being Rebecca just before leaving for Waikoloa.


Karen said...

Nice family shot. Too bad we didn't have our two youngest boys here.
It was a blast hanging out with you yesterday. The bike ride, run, movie and A-bay made the day fun and complete.

debbie said...

I love all the pics Randy , they are really cool!!. I love Hawaii. It is so beautiful. Enjoy It!!!I will e posting something new soon.I really miss you guys. Tim says Hi agian and that he left you a message on one of your phones.


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