Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight we are under a flash flood watch. It's been raining cats and dogs pretty much all day today. Rebecca and I went to the store to pick up a Christmas present for Karen and we got absolutely soaked, even with an umbrella. When it rains here it really pours and it is pouring.

The rain is supposed to continue until sometime tomorrow. Well at least tomorrow is only swim practice and then running on the treadmill. Do they cancel swim practice because of rain??? Probably not.


Marilyn and Robert said...

Know what you mean about the cats and dogs does that here too. We had tornado watch yesterday fun fun.

Karen said...

You and Rebecca LOOKED like wet cats and dogs when I saw you even after you went home and changed clothes before coming to Walmart to see me.
Leave the tready out for me. I had to ride the trainer the last two days and really need to run.
Love you and have a great day.
Don't get too wet swimming!

debbie said...

Sounds Like our weather here too. WET!!Getting snow this weekend. I feel for tourist who are there now hoping for that beautiful tropical paradise.


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