Monday, January 30, 2017


I just watched a video on Youtube by Shoo Rayner about practicing drawing people from photographs if you are uncomfortable about drawing in public (which I am). I get very nervous drawing in public and I tend to hurry my sketches the more people that are around. In fact I probably resemble one of those speed-drawing videos on Youtube  because I draw so fast. And that causes me to make lots of mistakes or get the perspective wrong.

Shoo said something in his video that I liked. "Don't abandon a drawing if you make a mistake - that can turn into a habit and you'll never finish anything. Often you can save a drawing or painting by just keeping on going!" That's pretty good advice, I think. 

This sketch is one that I abandoned but decided to finish it up just to get it finished. You cansee the unfinished version a couple of posts down.

This one still needs to be finished. But I am working on it. Since the last time I posted it a couple of weeks ago I've at least managed to ink some of it. 

This sketch and the one below are a couple that I've done from photographs on what I call attitude poses.  Obviously I still need a lot of work on drawing the human form.

This is a combination of drawing from photographs, creating my own characters and throwing them into an urban setting. This was inspired by passers-by watching me draw or stopping and asking to see what I'm drawing. I tried to capture their expressions and attitudes.

This is one I almost gave up on. It's a sketch of a building in Albany but I left out a window upstairs (it really has 4 tall windows, not three). But I decided to finish it anyhow. 

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