Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Well, I've taken a turn, or maybe it's a U-turn. After 20-plus years since I put down my pencil, pen and ink (I used to cartoon for a hunting magazine and draw as a past-time.) I've decided to get back into drawing.

I've been drawing lots of stick figures
For now it's mostly just working on hand-eye coordination with lots of drawing exercises ... circles, circles, circles, lines, lines, lines, circles, circles and an occasional actual drawing. Oh, and eyes, noses, mouths and pages of stickmen and stickwomen, and mannequins in various poses and gestures.

I think I've gone through a half of ream of copy paper just drawing circles.

It really does help build my hand-eye coordination by drawing circles and lines and makes it a lot easier for my brain to tell the pen where to go. I think mostly it helps to learn to "feel" the objects I'm drawing. I think feel in drawing, at least for me is very important. If I can feel it on the paper, it becomes easier to draw.
And lots of poses. I've been watching lots of Youtube videos
Which is where I copied these from. You can learn a lot from Youtube

Sort of an urban sketch.
Rebecca bundled up while outside in the snow.
I'm not sure what kind of art I'm leaning toward but it'll probably center around cartoons. However, I'm trying out urban sketching

and am liking it so far. Urban sketching is simply sketching your surroundings on location. Or as puts it: "all sketchers out there who love to draw the cities where they live and visit, from the window of their homes, from a cafe, at a park, standing by a street corner... always on location, not from photos or memory."

Besides urban sketching I'm delving into political cartoons, caricatures and watercolors. A whole new way of thinking about people and colors.

The Kona Life has undergone a lot of changes since I started it nearly 10 years ago (10-year anniversary is July 19. From ramblings to triathlon to adjusting to mainland life again to drawing.

Hopefully I'll begin posting drawings and watercolors — don't laugh at them. They are very, very elementary. Especially the watercolors. As with photography and writing it takes time and practice to find your voice/style and that's what I'm trying to do by experimenting with different genres.

It's just like taking photos to capture the flavor and atmosphere of your surroundings only it takes a lot longer ... and a lot more patience.

Trump portrait to caricature trial.
Still needs lots of work.

A house in Kona. OK, this one was drawn
from a photo rather than live. Watercolor.
At the mall food court. watercolor. 

cartoon characters.
More cartoon characters. Watercolor.

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