Friday, January 21, 2011


Karen and I have been car shopping for the past few weeks.

We've had a little disagreement on the type of vehicle we should get. Karen wants a gas-economical car and I want a Big, gas/diesel guzzling truck.

Here are our choices:
This one is what Karen wants. A Honda Fit. But just look at the one below. Ain't it a beauty?

This is what I want. A man's truck!!! I mean, just think what you can do with this. Need a mountain moved? No problem. Need a new yard, or two? No prob. Need your house moved? Shoots, you can live in the back of this thing. Just pitch a tent ...

I wonder which one we'll get??? I'll keep you posted.

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Debbie said...

Randy, you are more like your Dad than you might think


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