Thursday, February 18, 2010


This week I got to photograph the greatest cyclist in the world. As you know, Lance Armstrong visits the Big Island a few times a year and it's pretty common when he is here to see him on his bike.

Yesterday was the first ever "Twitter Time Trial." A 14-mile race between Lance and 2009 Ford Ironman World Championship second place finisher Chris Lieto, plus anyone else who wanted to ride it. But I didn't want to ride it. I wanted to photograph it. I mean, this was a historic event: The true cyclist verses the true triathlete. Not only that, but it's the world's best cyclist against one of triathlon's best cyclist's.

I wanted to witness this and all I can say is they are fast. Very fast. They covered the distance in just over 18 minutes and in the end only 15 seconds separated the two. Lance at 18:35 and Chris at 18:50.

Here a few photos from the first ever "Twitter Time Trial"

Oh, one funny note: When I got to work yesterday I told my editor that I photographed Lance and he said they heard a call over the police scanner saying that there were "a dozen paparazzi follow Lance Armstrong down the Queen K." That was an actual call to the police! I think I was the only actual professional photog at the event ... Anyhow, here's a few photos:

Oh, that's me taking their photo at the end of the video, lol. Have a great day.


debbie said...

these are really great photos. I took my netbook to work and showed anyone who walked past my office. everyone was quite impressed.

Randy said...

That's funny Deb. Hope all is well. I spoke with Tim a few weeks ago. He says he is getting a computer soon.

Jeff-- said...

Hi Randy. A buddy at work told me about the time trial. I think it's great you got to shoot it. I know somebody who knows somebody!



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