Thursday, June 18, 2009


Rebecca has been training for the 5K race that is run during the Kona Marathon June 28. She has been doing laps around our block and around the walking path at Old A. Today she did three laps around the block at our house.

(Rebecca and I racing toward the finish line.)

I usually walk around with her encouraging her and making her work harder than she wants too. So on her last lap today I decided to jump in her other wheelchair and race her. I thought giving her a little friendly competition would make the last lap fun and motivate her. Of course I thought it would be pretty easy and I'd have to take it easy on her.


Pushing a wheelchair up hill is hard work and I had to really struggle just to keep up with her. Today gave me a new appreciation for how hard Rebecca trains and for all disabled athletes. They make pushing a wheelchair look easy, but like any good athlete, when it looks easy, it's all talent and hard work.

(I had to resort to trying to cheat to beat Rebecca.)

Watch for Rebecca June 28 during the Kona Marathon. She'll be the one flying along in the wheelchair.


debbie said...

GOOD GIRL REBECCA!!! Randy you are a great DAD. Happy Fathers Day to you.

BreeWee said...

Randy that is so cool, you are the greatest dad ever! I know you want to run, so not running to cheer for Becca instead makes you so amazing...

Hope you and karen are all smiles and GOOD LUCK to Becca.

Hugs to your family! let me know next time you want to train together...


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