Wednesday, January 7, 2009


These days it's the question on everyone's mind, "Will I see Lance Armstrong today?" Most of us are practically sleeping on our bikes, racking up more miles than most of us do at the peak of our training, but how cool is it to say you rode with Lance Armstrong?

The local blogs are buzzing with "Lance sightings" The first question we ask other cyclists is, "have you seen Lance today?"

One thing I've noticed is that EVERY person out on Queen K on their bike is staring at EVERY other person on a bike to see if it is Lance. Yes, I'm just as guilty, or at least I was until I was lucky enough to have a "Lance sighting" of my own. Now I know what to look for — a blur followed by a chase car.

If I see a solo rider with no car trailing, then it probably isn't Lance. After all, you have to be crazy to ride in Kona without a chase car to protect you from all the crazy drivers here.

Good luck to everyone on their quest for a Lance sighting. And if you are really lucky maybe even a quick conversation.

P.S. I thought I was winning the lottery a couple of days ago when my work said they were contacting Lance Armstrong for an interview. I was the first to volunteer to be the photog for the assignment. Then the next day the news came in through his press agent/manager/assistant that Mr. Armstrong isn't giving interviews while he is here.

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debbie said...

I was really hoping that you would get to interview with Mr. Lance. Don't give up hope , I just have a feeling.


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