Friday, September 19, 2008


Well sports fans, it's that time again. The time when Kona starts sounding like the United Nations. Just three weeks until Ironman World Championship. Walk into any grocery store and you can hear a dozen different languages being spoken by a dozen different triathletes and their families.

I swam at the pool today. As I arrived and was getting my stuff out of my moped two men exited the pool area pushing their tri bikes and were speaking Italian. In the lane next to me was a swimmer speaking to his family in German.

Of course, Oz is a second language around here, so lots of Aussies in town. Throw in the Asians, Brits and the other Europeans and it becomes quite a mix. There's even a few people walking around with distinct Texan accents. Y'all give a holler if y'all see 'em. They're the ones in the Speedos and cowboy boots. And let them know we were all praying for them during Ike.

But no matter what language is being spoken, everyone seems to understand the language of triathlon. The hard work, sacrifice and dedication it took each of them to get here. It comes with the understanding that no matter what your ability, whether you are a pro or an age grouper, you have earned a spot in the big show. Good luck to all the athletes in their endeavor to accomplish their goals. Have a great time while you are here and keep safe.


debbie said...

Good Luck to everyone, Have fun.

LeAnn said...

you should be pastor with the comment you left me.

ill see you next summer--Im coming!!! maybe hoping to stay.

BreeWee said...

Yeah, lets hope Leann STAY!

How are you and Karen, since the tri-scene is wrapping up for the year (except Ironman) it is quite with the local training!

Hope all is well... hugs to you both, and I am with you, this is like a huge mixed plate of nations!!


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