Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Today is THE KONA LIFE's 10-year anniversary. Although you'll notice the web address is amilucid (Am I lucid?) which was named for the screenplay I was working on at the time and I began the blog to record of my progress although I quickly changed gears and it became a diary of sorts for my adventures in triathlon.
Me finishing my first-ever triathlon -- Lavaman.

I'd encourage anyone who is training for their first triathlon, especially their first Ironman distance tri to read through my posts. There are a lot of training details and a lot of obstacles I encountered along the way that may help you through some of the challenges.

The original header for The Kona Life. That's me right in the center walking out to Kailua Bay for a Peaman race.

West Hawaii Today even published a few of my blog's entries leading up to my first Ironman in 2009.
I've also shared the worry of a parents as our son was deployed to Afghanistan as a Marine and elsewhere on three tours. The birth of our first grandchild, Training with world-class professional athletes, Search for Lance Armstrong (before his plunge into the abyss). It also records my 2 minutes of fame as NBC Sports followed me around while I participated in the Ironman World Championship.
My favorite place on earth -- Kailua Bay. I miss that place so much.

Some of the most important, fun and challenging events in my life are recorded on this blog. Even though blogs are becoming a fad of the past I think I'll keep adding to it. Though these days it doesn't have many visitors as it did when I lived in Hawaii.

Nowadays, The Kona Life is all about sketching, but I'm hoping to get back to training. Maybe not triathlons but who knows.

So if you happen to be reading this, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog. I'll see you on the web... Take care.

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