Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's been a busy few months. Rachael finally had her baby, Zoey Jane Permenter weighing in at 9 pounds and change.

Baby zoey.

Daniel is home from deployment and is on leave visiting us now. He'll be heading back to Camp LeJeune soon. He reinlisted so he'll be Marine for another 4 years.

Daniel arriving at Kona International Airport. First time he's been home in a while.

Aaron and Grace's baby is due in a few weeks. We just had a baby shower for them at Old A's last weekend. Don't ever throw a baby shower here in Hawaii. It's a lot of work and stress and food and stress. But the games were fun and they got a lot of baby stuff.

Grace opening her gifts while Rebecca plays baby bingo.

Now that I'm on the road to recovery from all my ailments, I've been doing more and more training. Almost as if i were training for ... something. I had planned on racing honu (Ironman 70.3 Hawaii) in June but because things aren't looking so secure at work, I am looking around for jobs on the mainland and I'd hate to pay all that money to register for the race for nothing. You don't get refunds from Ironman, other than a token $75 if you withdraw way early.

So I'm training but with no plans of doing any triathlons in the foreseeable future.

However, my swim and bike times have been improving lately which I'm happy about since I haven't been training that much and my speed is better than when I was in shape 2 years ago. I just raced a 10 mile time trial on the bike last weekend and averaged 21.4 miles per hour. My best average before that when I was training for triathlons was only 20.5. Not bad for only 6 or so times on the bike in the past year and a half. It's still not fast fast though. The guy who won, Penn Henderson, averaged 30 mph. But he could and should be a pro.

Have a great rest of February. Hope it's not too cold where you are. Well, time for an ocean swim. Take care.

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Debbie said...

Hey Randy, Great catching up. baby zoey is so adorable . Tim has a new grandson, his name is Ricky. He is Misty's third child so Tims third grandchild. Daniel looks good, it must be nice to be home for awhile. Please tell him thanks for all he is doing for us here at home. I miss you guys so much, the news that you are looking for something on the mainland is kinda sad, you guys seem to really love living there. Kim also is looking for a different job. Trucking is really a tough one. He loves it but its so hard to make ends meet and now with the looming threat of increased fuel prices, well he really has no choice. good luck to in your search Randy, I know you will find something wonderful, you reap what you sow. love you guys.


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