Monday, December 12, 2011


I posted earlier that I've been getting into barefoot/minimal running, which means a lot less padding on my feet and a more natural way of running. It's supposed to cut down on injuries and hopefully correct a lot of bad running habits. I've been working the past few months on my running form and running with a lot less cushion seems to be helping. I've also been studying a lot of videos of some very good runners.

I've only been running at base pace -- basically keeping the heart rate low and working on form. With all its benefits of running slow and having better form this has caused a problem for me. I've ran in two races and ran at a 5k race pace twice for practice. The problem is, I can't control this competitive nature in me so i ran both races at a 2 to 3 minute per mile faster pace which caused me to strain a calf muscle in my last race and strain my other calf muscle in practice when I was running a 5k race pace at the end of a 9 mile run. (I really need to learn to run for what I've trained for, which has just been fast enough to work on form and a little endurance, not race pace. My legs just aren't ready for the fast stuff yet.)

My newest pair of running shoes that I'm getting for Christmas. Right Santa?

So now I'm trying to take the rest of the year off from running to heal up. The problem with that is there's the 5k jingle bells run next weekend that we do as a family every year. Hopefully since I'll be pushing Rebecca in her wheelchair and running with Karen I'll keep it slow. This last calf strain is taking a long time to heal, and I keep reinjuring it every couple of days by just stepping wrong.

I've been really working my calf muscles to break up the scar tissue from all the old (and current) injuries as well as doing a lot of strength training and stretching. Hopefully, it will all pay off once I start training seriously.

My goal is to get up to ultramarathon running distances next year as well as qualify for Ironman again.

Hope every one has a great Christmas and an awesome and fit new year. See ya out there!

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