Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yes, it's true. We are thinking about getting a divorce.

Not Karen and I. It's my gold-digging, money-hungry, ungrateful bike and I. All that she-devil wants me to do is spend money on her. New racing wheels, new chain, new tires, new tape, new, new, new, buy, buy, buy ... And today was the breaking point. I was out on my ride when my bike -- that beeotch! -- screamed at me "BUY ME NEW PEDALS!" Without giving me a chance to argue she forced me to turn around and slowly make my way back home on broken pedals.

(diamonds, gold, silver! Is there no end to her vanity?)

I decided then enough is enough. As soon as Ironman is over, she's packing her bike bag and moving out. She's taken enough blood, sweat and tears, and money from me. If anyone is interested in a money-hungry, greedy bike ...

But seriously, today I hit a milestone that only a numbers geek probably appreciates. I surpassed all the miles I biked the entire year last year in only 9 and a half months. I also surpassed my total run miles from all of 2009 last week as well. Here’s the numbers:

BIKE 2009
239 hours 4,119 miles

BIKE 2010 (Through Sept. 15)
243 hours 4,137 miles

RUN 2009
156 hours 900 miles

RUN 2010 (Through Sept. 15)
161 hours 958 miles

Swimming is a different story, however. I’ve actually swam a lot less this year than last:

SWIM 2009
178 hours 415,788 yards (236 miles)

SWIM 2010 (Through Sept. 14)
113 hours 300,925 yards (171 miles)

Take care and be safe out there.


Debbie said...

Hey Randy,
I have a Big Purple semi that would give your bike a run for its money, no good money munchin more more more giveme giveme giveme and extremely thirsty 18 wheel pile of $*&#@#. Any one got a match?

Debbie said...

By the way , great job on your goal breaking records so far this year.


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