Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here are a few images from Sunday's Peaman race. Sunday's event was a guys-only race. Following the race was a pinata smash for the kids. Check out the video below. (If you are reading this on Facebook you'll have to go to my blog to see the video.)

Next Sunday (Mother's Day) will be a girls-only race, or if you are 19 or under and a boy you can also do the race.

One of the kids trying to break open the pinata.

Peaman giving directions before the swim.

Peaman as colorful as always.

Me talking to Rob before the swim.

At this Peaman you get shot at the finish apparently ...

In Hawaiian, "pau" - pronounced pow - means finished. Oops! where's the copy editor?

Peaman was kind enough to honor me with the "Perpetual Pea" award. So I get to keep the ancient healing stone until the next Peaman before it is passed onto someone else. Thank-you Peaman. Proudly displayed on our bookshelf.

After the race.

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I love your trophey.


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