Saturday, April 17, 2010


April is always a busy month for us. Three birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Add to that, all the training for the half Ironman and throw in working full time and it gets a little hectic around our house in April.

Mine, Karen's and our son, Jon, all have birthdays in April. Squeezed in between the b-days is our wedding anniversary (April 8). Thirty-one years this year. Below is a video I put together for Karen that kind of shows our life over the past 31 years.

Happy 27th birthday to Jon. We love you. And Happy "30th" birthday Karen. You are amazing and wonderful and I'm proud of everything you have accomplished.

Training for the half Ironman is becoming more time consuming. This week I spent the most hours training that I have since training for Ironman last year. All this is building to my peak training day in mid-May, then tapering down to race day June 5th.

Happy Anniversary Karen.

Karen after a long day of shopping.

Aaron on his way out of Target.

Karen and Rebecca looking at scrapbooking stuff.

My one and only triathlon award - 3rd place at Lavaman - on display at home.

Mauna Lani on Queen K. That's where Honu is held.

Self-portrait as Rob and I ride out Queen K to Mauna Lani.

Rob riding along a very windy Queen K.

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